Our Team

At Redeemer Lutheran Preschool, every teacher and many assistants hold degrees from four-year institutions.

The education of our staff is ongoing – every year, each member of the teaching staff at Redeemer Lutheran Preschool completes a minimum of 16 credit-hours of continuing education.  All of the teachers and many of the assistants have earned Medication Administration Training ( by passing the required exam for administering medications.

However, the main reason our teachers have chosen this profession is because they love children. They are committed to providing the best environment for your child to be successful, and Redeemer Lutheran Preschool is the place for that success.

Director Tammie Koenig Announces Retirement

RLP Director TK
It has been a fabulous 23 years! Since assuming her position in 1998, Redeemer Lutheran Preschool has been blessed to have Tamberly Koenig as our Director. Tammie holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s of Business Administration.

Tammie enjoys hiking, yoga and international cuisines. She loves learning new things and sharing that love of learning with her students. She and all the teachers at Redeemer Lutheran Preschool constantly strive to create a safe, stimulating learning environment for young children.

Linda McConnaughay, Redeemer Renaissance Director, is serving as Interim RLP Director.